Kiss My Mutt at The Great Ball Drop

October 8, 2010

Happy Friday! This past month we were so busy here at Kiss My Mutt heading out to numerous events across California to support animal shelters and animals in need. We set up booths, met hundreds of dogs, and many nice owners too! One of our favorite events was the Great Ball Drop put on from our favorite animal shelter, K-9 PALS. (This is the same shelter we put on a Charity Dog Wash for back in July of this year.)

The Great Ball Drop was created to actually drop 1000 tennis balls out of a large bag hooked onto a fire truck crane! Those 1000 balls had numbers on them from purchased raffle tickets. Then when all of the balls dropped, shelter dogs from K-9 PALS would run up to the balls that made it into the designated winner’s area and pick one! This event raised thousands of dollars for the medical bills and food bills for all the dogs at this shelter. It was such a great idea and was a great success!

K-9 PALS is a no-kill shelter that works so hard to get all of their dogs adopted. They take in every type of dog and do not discriminate on which dogs they will help; they help them all. We really appreciate all of their hard work on a day to day basis. We’re so happy to be a part of a great animal organization and will continue to help this wonderful shelter for years to come.