Meet our Model; Mattie

June 16, 2011

This week we are featuring one of our amazing doggie models, Mattie, who is now the face of our new collar and leash packaging and soon to be featured on the Kiss My Mutt website! Before becoming an adorable doggie model for Kiss My Mutt and an all around beautiful dog, Mattie had a rough past, but has since survived and is now living a happy, healthy life.

Mattie was rescued from her kind owner, Allison, in Santa Barbara, Ca from a local animal rescue. Although she was adopted out in Santa Barbara, she came a long way to find her new forever home, all the way from New Orleans! Read on to hear Allison’s story (below) from her lovely website about finding her best friend, and to see Mattie modeling for us…

(Mattie is modeling the Kiss My Mutt ‘Pink Dhalia’ two-toned braided collar and leash. Doesn’t she look pretty in pink?)

“My little dog, Mattie Mae, is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina.  In the storm’s aftermath, she was found in a flooded racetrack in Gorenflo, Mississippi. She weighed less than 20 lbs. when they found her (she’s now a healthy 33!).  She was taken by volunteers to a warehouse-turned-shelter in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where she was given food and temporary care.

The huge numbers of animals orphaned after the hurricane overwhelmed local shelters.  Volunteers from around the country did their best to rescue pets and find their families, but many were lost far from home.   Pets were transferred to  shelters around the country that volunteered to take them in and give them a second chance.  Mattie – starving, shy, wounded, and with a bad case of adult heartworm –  waited at the Hattiesburg Shelter for her rescue.

Then, four volunteers from Santa Barbara’s Dog Adoption and Welfare Group (D.A.W.G) arrived in Hattiesburg in a van packed with supplies and ready to help.  At the end of their weeklong stay, the D.A.W.G. volunteers brought 7 dogs and 9 cats with them on their long trip back to sunny Santa Barbara.  Mattie, finally with a full belly and blankets to sleep on, was one of those 7  ’Lucky Dogs.’

Back in Santa Barbara, D.A.W.G. volunteers and doctors spent hours (and thousands of dollars donated by D.A.W.G. supporters!) grooming, treating, and caring for Mattie and the other Katrina Rescues.  For 13 months, Mattie spent her life either at the shelter playing with the other dogs, or at home with D.A.W.G. workers, while all of the other Katrina pets were adopted.  After a while, Mattie decided that she’d rather stay in a foster home than at the shelter, and D.A.W.G.’s Andrea Stout became my little girl’s foster mom.  At her foster home, Mattie began to come out of her shell and became friends with Andrea’s two other rescue dogs, Lola and Dutch, who helped teach her how to act like a dog again.

I first met Mattie on October 4th, 2006, and it was love at first sight.  We officially became a family in December 2006, and have been best friends ever since.  Mattie comes to work with me every day, and is our official ‘Lab Mascot.’  In our time off, we love walking at the Douglas Preserve or at Hendry’s Beach.   She’s also a celebrity on campus, where she makes her daily rounds to all of her fans who happily give her doggy treats.” - Allison

(Mattie is relaxing on a Kiss My Mutt ‘Green Knot Garden’ Eco-Friendly bed and is modeling the Kiss My Mutt ‘Blue Skies’ two-toned braided collarand leash.)

Mattie was by far one of our favorite doggie models thus far…She is such a sweet, adorable, and happy little girl full of love and happiness! She listened so well to Allison, and loved a good treat or two! It was so refreshing to hear the wonderful outcome for little Mattie from her difficult past. Thank you Allison for taking the time to help a dog in need, and we thank Mattie for being so darn cute and for modeling our products.

We hope you just enjoyed looking at Mattie’s photos as much as we have! Have a barking good day!

P.S. Although we have to give major credit to Mattie for being a great model, we also have to thank our photographer for once again doing an amazing shoot! Thanks Kristen!

-Jennifer, Owner and Founder of Kiss My Mutt