In Loving Memory of Kali

May 21, 2014

It is with a very heavy heart I am writing here today. We lost our sweet girl, Kali, this week. She passed away from complications of cancer. She was our first rescue. We rescued her from the shelter when she was between the ages of 5 and 7 and we had the privilege of having her in our lives just under six years.

She was beautiful. She loved her family, she loved her brothers, Brody, Riley and Jax, and she loved her cousins Bear and Bailey. She loved cookies (we called her the cookie queen), going for walks, exploring the backyard, and sticking her head out of the car window.


Kali wasn’t just our dog. She was our sweet little girl, a sister, a best friend, a coworker, and of course our little mutt. Kali leaves behind paw prints of the life she lived and the love she gave in each of those who loved her. She will live on in each of us with her memories, love and spirit.

Kali’s best friend, Brody, learned how to love other dogs, how to dance (it’s true!), and how to play through her guidance. Kali taught her brother Riley the importance of a good cookie and a good meal (always serious business), and she taught her brother Jax to frolick through the grass at the end of the day (he loved to follow her through the yard).

Kali, you always showed your Daddy and I gratitude and gave thanks with a big smile everyday. You found happiness in the little things, so we will strive to find pure joy in moments just as you always did. Your spark for life, your smile that melted my heart, and your almond shaped eyes will forever be ingrained in my memory.


Kali ignited my spark for creativity, love and compassion for rescue animals. I hope her legacy will continue to remind myself and others there is always a dog that needs a home, and, no matter the shape of their body, the lumps and bumps they carry, or the age they may be, their hearts are all the same and the happiness they will give you and your family is immeasurable.

We hope Kali is now at peace, running, and eating cookies with her two older brothers Rocky and Cody, and watching over the rest of our clan together. We love you so much baby girl, you will always be our princess, you will always be our beautiful little girl, and you will always be our boss lady. We really won the lottery with you and are so lucky to have known you.