Hero Dog Awards 2014

October 31, 2014

KISS MY MUTT® was at the Hero Dog Awards featured on the Hallmark Channel thanks to Modern Dog Magazine! Their amazing team provided us with tickets to the show, and it was an honor to attend the event at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. We laughed, we cried, and learned so much about service dogs and the bond and love they provide to their human counterparts.

The American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™ is an annual national competition to search for and recognize America’s outstanding Hero Dogs. What does it mean to be a Hero Dog? A Hero Dog will unconditionally avail him or herself to us in so many important ways, whether it’s saving lives on the battlefield, lending sight or hearing to a human companion, providing therapeutic support to children suffering from cancer, or just greeting us with a wagging tail at the end of a hard day.

The dogs honored included Search and Rescue Dog, Bretagne, Military Dog, Chaney, Service Dog, JJ, Law Enforecement Dog, Kota, Arson Dog, Kai, Therapy Dog, Susie, Emerging Hero Dog, Xena, and Guide Dog, Xxon. The dogs are all heroes with unique stories to be told. You can learn about their stories here!

Not only did we learn the stories of some amazing Hero Dogs, we also learned about the great work The American Humane Association is providing to military dogs and their handlers. To ensure that all our heroes come home from serving our country overseas, American Humane Association is working to bring back retired military dogs and reunite them with their former handlers. They help raise funds to pay for these heroes’ transport home, where the once-inseparable pair can be reunited and enjoy the peace and freedom they earned while away in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. The benefits to both soldier and dog are immeasurable and they want to make sure the four-footed veterans who served our country receive the hero’s welcome, dignified retirement, and loving, forever home they deserve. After learning that many military dogs are not brought back to the states after serving overseas, we were truly shocked to say the least. We believe more should be done to bring military dogs home and hope to share more information soon.

The value service and hero dogs bring to humans everyday is absolutely amazing. The connection and hope they bring to our lives is immeasurable. We all know dogs are amazing, and the Hero Dog Awards really proves how much we rely on our pups as they do us. The connection we have with our dogs is something we’re so thankful for everyday and we thank the Hero Dog Awards for reminding us how awesome dogs are!
KISS MY MUTT® was honored to be at the Hero Dog Awards 2014!

The 13 Project

October 2, 2012

The 13 Project - KISS MY MUTT

One of our favorite blogs, Pretty Fluffy, is currently running a wonderful initiative called The 13 Project and asked us to get involved. Serena, of Pretty Fluffy, is always thinking of great ways to help animals in need, and this is something we can all join in on. The project is simple. Make and act on a list of 13 acts of kindness towards animals in the remaining 13 weeks of 2012.

To join, all you need is a desire to make a difference. Whether you can open your home to a foster dog, adopt a homeless pet, or can offer a few hours of your weekend to help walk the dogs at your local shelter, you can make a difference in your community today. Why wait for the new year to create new goals? Start your own list today! And, please feel free to share!


Here are the present and future goals of the KISS MY MUTT® team and how we are getting involved:

1. Organize some of our friends together and attend a volunteer information session at a local dog rescue to see how we can all be more involved. Getting together with friends makes these activities fun and brings in additional help to the shelter.

2. Find a few hours of the weekend and bring our children to spend time with the homeless dogs at our local dog shelter.

3. Donate sample KISS MY MUTT® dog beds to our local dog shelter.

4. Donate sample KISS MY MUTT® dog collars and leashes to our local dog shelter.

5. Join community activities like the PuppyUp! Walk in November where 50% of proceeds are donated to the 2 Million Dogs Foundation and the other 50% of proceeds are donated to a local non-profit called C.A.R.E.4Paws.

6. Continue to foster our newest member to the KISS MY MUTT® team, Riley.

7. Educate friends and family considering a new pet for their home about adopting or fostering. We know from experience, it can be the best decision ever made! :)

8. Say ‘thank you’ to the amazing animal organizations in our area. Drop off goodies like cold waters, snacks, and a ‘Thank You’ card on Saturday morning before their big day of walking the pups, cleaning the kennels, and doing the laundry. They are truly heroes who deserve recognition for the care and compassion they give to these homeless animals.

9. Sign this petition to help save greyhounds from cruel export trade.

10. Gather any gently used towels and blankets from friends and neighbors to bring in to our local shelter.

11. Sign up for more animal advocacy events in 2013.

12. Give a rescue dog or cat a kiss today! <3

13. Share and promote The 13 Project through our blog, Facebook, and Twitter!

A big thank you to Pretty Fluffy for putting together The 13 Project. We hope this will inspire you too to help animals in need.

2nd Annual Charity Dog Wash!

August 4, 2011

On July 24th, 2011, we held our 2nd Annual Charity Dog Wash + Photo Booth fundraiser to raise money for the food and medical bills for the dogs at the Santa Barbara Animal Shelter and non-profit group, K-9 PALS. The dog wash was a blast again this year, with the help of the Kiss My Mutt team, the volunteers at K-9 PALSKristen Beinke Photography, and the Monarch Pet Spa group.

©Kristen Beinke Photography in association with Kiss My Mutt™

The dog wash was such a success last year, we set up the event for the second year in a row in the hopes that more dirty pups and their owners would swing by after their day at the beach for a warm bath, a perfect pup photo booth session, and a donation to the cause! Well, a lot of dogs and their families showed up to support the cause again and we raised much needed funds for the dogs at the shelter.

After the pups were washed by the Kiss My Mutt team and the K-9 PALS volunteers, they had the option to have their photos taken by professional photographer, Kristen Beinke!

©Kristen Beinke Photography in association with Kiss My Mutt™

The Kiss My Mutt booth at the event was a great success too! We raised money for the shelter with 50% of proceeds from the day going to K-9 PALS and the cause!

©Kristen Beinke Photography in association with Kiss My Mutt™

We hope we can inspire other dog lovers around the country to set up events to help out their local animal welfare groups so we can all be the change we are looking for!

Kiss My Mutt’s Charity Dog Wash

August 16, 2010

Kiss My Mutt makes it a priority to get involved with the community to help out less fortunate dogs and to help raise money for great charities.

On July 18th, 2010 we put on a charity dog wash to benefit the animal shelter, K-9 PALS in Goleta, California. We had Kiss My Mutt employees and K-9 PALS volunteers wash dogs at the Wripples Pet Spa outdoor dog wash stations after they had been swimming at the local beach.

After the dogs were bathed, they had the option to get their professional photos taken from professional photographer, Kristen Beinke! It was such a perfect day!

Kiss My Mutt donated 50% of all profits made from sales on this day, at the event and online! It was packed and we had a lot of clean doggies walking around with reversible Kiss My Mutt bandanas and t-shirts too! It was a lot of fun and we raised a ton of money for the shelter!

Welcome to the Kiss My Mutt Blog!

August 16, 2010

Hi dog lovers!

Welcome to the Kiss My Mutt Blog! We are so excited to bring you Kiss My Mutt product news, product giveaways, stories of animals in the news, great charity events around the country and more!

The Kiss My Mutt Blog will celebrate all things dog, with love for all, pure breed or mutt! We will be involving you, our dog lover readers, by having fun contests and giveaways, along with inviting you to post story submissions about your pets!

We also have great features on our blog, including a calendar of events, information about the top animal shelters in the country, a section called ‘Remember My Mutt’ where readers can submit loving stories about their pets, top dog names for the year, travel tips and more!

We look forward to updating you on everything going on over here at Kiss My Mutt and we can’t wait to interact with all of our great customers and readers!

Come bark with us!