Kiss My Mutt + Celebrity Pups

August 10, 2011

Last week, we were pleased to announce Kiss My Mutt™ products were delivered to some of Hollywood’s most famous pups in a gift bag catered specifically to celebrities’ dogs and cats. The bag is so cleverly called the ‘HollyWOOF’ gift bag, and was delivered to celeb pups, like Blake Lively’s maltipoo named Penny, Drew Barrymore’s rescued mutt named Douglas Fairbanks Barrymore, Justin Timberlake’s two boxers named Brennane and Buckley, Denise Richard’s clan of pups, Betty White’s golden retriever named Pontiac, Oprah’s five precious pups, Sunny, Luke, Layla, Lauren, and Sadie, and many more!

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All the celeb pups received a 2011 Limited Edition Kiss My Mutt™ Tote Box that included swag like Kiss My Mutt™ braided collars and leashes, our adorable little tees and our reversible bandanas. We were so pleased to be included in this swag bag because the style, durability, and quality of our products is being noticed and appreciated by people who have “seen it all,” but also because a lot of the celebrities included in this list are those that are very much involved in philanthropic work across the world for both animals and people…and we can say we appreciate that a lot!

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  1. Connie -

    This is so cool. You guys have the cutest pet products!

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