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October 2, 2012

The 13 Project - KISS MY MUTT

One of our favorite blogs, Pretty Fluffy, is currently running a wonderful initiative called The 13 Project and asked us to get involved. Serena, of Pretty Fluffy, is always thinking of great ways to help animals in need, and this is something we can all join in on. The project is simple. Make and act on a list of 13 acts of kindness towards animals in the remaining 13 weeks of 2012.

To join, all you need is a desire to make a difference. Whether you can open your home to a foster dog, adopt a homeless pet, or can offer a few hours of your weekend to help walk the dogs at your local shelter, you can make a difference in your community today. Why wait for the new year to create new goals? Start your own list today! And, please feel free to share!


Here are the present and future goals of the KISS MY MUTT® team and how we are getting involved:

1. Organize some of our friends together and attend a volunteer information session at a local dog rescue to see how we can all be more involved. Getting together with friends makes these activities fun and brings in additional help to the shelter.

2. Find a few hours of the weekend and bring our children to spend time with the homeless dogs at our local dog shelter.

3. Donate sample KISS MY MUTT® dog beds to our local dog shelter.

4. Donate sample KISS MY MUTT® dog collars and leashes to our local dog shelter.

5. Join community activities like the PuppyUp! Walk in November where 50% of proceeds are donated to the 2 Million Dogs Foundation and the other 50% of proceeds are donated to a local non-profit called C.A.R.E.4Paws.

6. Continue to foster our newest member to the KISS MY MUTT® team, Riley.

7. Educate friends and family considering a new pet for their home about adopting or fostering. We know from experience, it can be the best decision ever made! :)

8. Say ‘thank you’ to the amazing animal organizations in our area. Drop off goodies like cold waters, snacks, and a ‘Thank You’ card on Saturday morning before their big day of walking the pups, cleaning the kennels, and doing the laundry. They are truly heroes who deserve recognition for the care and compassion they give to these homeless animals.

9. Sign this petition to help save greyhounds from cruel export trade.

10. Gather any gently used towels and blankets from friends and neighbors to bring in to our local shelter.

11. Sign up for more animal advocacy events in 2013.

12. Give a rescue dog or cat a kiss today! <3

13. Share and promote The 13 Project through our blog, Facebook, and Twitter!

A big thank you to Pretty Fluffy for putting together The 13 Project. We hope this will inspire you too to help animals in need.

  1. Whitney -

    Great idea!

  2. Serena -

    Such a wonderful list! The idea of dropping off goodies to volunteers is such a simple yet BRILLIANT idea. Thanks for being part of The 13 Project and doing so much for animals xx

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