California —> Texas

February 15, 2016

KISS MY MUTT® is moving from our beloved town of Santa Barbara, CA to the live music capital of the world (and very dog friendly!), Austin, TX!

Family is so important to us here at KISS MY MUTT®, and founder and owner, Jennifer, and her husband, had the opportunity to relocate for her husband’s career. The catch?! We only had 3 weeks to pack up, find a new home, and move our home and the business (and of course our dogs!). If you’ve moved near or far, you know it is a process, especially when moving your family and your small business.

“KISS MY MUTT® is a huge passion of mine, it is my baby, but so is my family, and taking care of this big move has a been a challenge. While I’ve been moving and shaking over the last 6 years, I’ve decided to take a moment to find a new warehouse and office and structure this new move so we can be back in full force this spring, better than ever!”

We currently have our website closed until the end of March, 2016 for our website customers. While you can still view the website and products, and of course purchase at your local pet store, we need a new space to pack up those cute KISS MY MUTT® products for you and your pup!

We’re currently searching for a new warehouse and office here in Austin, TX. No changes for distributors and private label customers; shipments are going out as normal from our San Diego and overseas warehouses.

We can’t wait to share the new office, NEW PRODUCTS, and NEW and EXCITING updates to the business in the coming weeks with you.

Thanks to all of our customers for being so understanding and supportive during this time!


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