Meet our Model; Lucy.

September 20, 2010

This past week we had an amazing photo shoot with an adorable little dog named Lucy, rescued by a popular design blogger, SFGirlByBay, shot by our very own photographer, Kristen Beinke.

We first saw photos of Lucy from her “Mom,” and one of our favorite bloggers, Victoria Smith, on her popular design blog, Lucy was recently rescued from an animal shelter in the Bay Area by Victoria, and quickly became the most stylish dog in town (with the help of her mom of course)!

We knew that Miss Lucy would make the perfect model for Kiss My Mutt, and couldn’t resist inviting Victoria and her pup up to Santa Barbara from their recent trip to LA.

(Lucy started out modeling the ‘Sea Breeze’ reversible bandana. This bandana can be worn 4 different ways. Coming soon!)

Lucy’s blue eyes are absolutely stunning, and her beautiful white coat is so pretty; we just couldn’t wait to meet her for the shoot. As you can see, Lucy is so darn cute. But there is something else you learn about her when you meet her; She is a sweet tempered soul.

At just about 1 and 1/2 years old, Lucy is a calm dog that seems very happy and content with her new home. And although Lucy is so sweet, she was also the perfect little model that definitely knew how to work the camera!

We went out on location to shoot our “signature” Kiss My Mutt shots where Lucy modeled our new line of collars and leashes, in the beautiful blue two toned colors.

How stunning is this photo? Lucy looks beautiful and made our Kiss My Mutt ‘Eco-friendly Autumn Olive’ bed look so comfortable and pretty! This bed is water resistant, and it’s plush fillers are made from recycled plastic bottles turned into a cozy fiberfill. The perfect combination of style and usability for the home.

Lucy also took a snooze on the ‘Eco-Friendly, Scavo Willow Bed!‘ As all of our beds, this bed is also made with eco-friendly fillers, and is also water resistant, durable, and oh so comfy!

Thank you so much to Victoria and Lucy, we had such a great time!

xoxo Jennifer and Kristen

  1. victoria -

    thank you, kristen and jennifer! you’ve made lucy look quite fabulous! and i’m honored to have her model for you! it was a blast!

  2. The Hidden List -

    Beautiful pictures and Lucy is a total hottie…a natural model!

  3. edyta szyszlo photo -

    the colors, her fur, her eyes, the light – the photos are SO good! products oh-so adorable!

  4. Jen -


  5. Suchmaschine -

    Hello, this is a really fascinating web blog and ive loved reading several of the articles and posts contained upon the site, sustain the great work and hope to read a lot more exciting articles in the time to come.

  6. Colleen -

    OOh she is such a love, and a perfect model for KMM! I had the privilege of meeting Lucy last week in my favorite local pet boutique. What a beauty she is! I’m so happy for Victoria and for Lucy to have found each other.

  7. Erin (Daisy Doe) -

    OH MY GOSH, such beautiful eyes!! I bet you get that comment all the time, but it’s so hard not to look past them. What a gorgeous girl she is! :)

    I really don’t understand how people can give up dogs for adoption. It breaks my heart, but it’s reassuring knowing wonderful people adopt them (well, the lucky ones). I love reading adoption success stories.

    Erin (“Daisy Doe”)

  8. Susan Lytle -

    You have beautiful products! I just love your canine helpers, and models too! Each doggie helper’s unique personality comes through so amazingly well in the photos! What sweethearts!

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