Saving Jax and Riley, part 1

March 3, 2014

This is a personal post by owner, Jennifer Beinke.

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have some incredibly exciting news to share; my family has rescued a new puppy named Jax. It’s time to tell the story of Jax and his new best friend, Riley, another one of our recent rescues. It’s a story about two dogs, coming from different backgrounds, with two things in common; they were both looking for love (and found it!) and a place to finally call home (they found this too!).

Kiss My Mutt® began with a dream to combine two passions, dogs and design. Dogs make life happy and fun, and I couldn’t imagine a life without one, or a few! Rescue is very important to me and helping innocent animals in need is a gratifying cause our family is committed to. Rescue dogs are animals just looking for love, and when given the opportunity, they can teach us a few things about friendship and family.

Jax and Riley have not only found a place to call home, but have also found a best friend in each other. While they have connected with our other rescue pups, they have decided the sun rises and sets with one another. They look out for one another, love one another, and live for play time together. And, as you can see, they love to snuggle! We never expected the bond Jax and Riley would form in just a few short months, but we’re so happy they’ve found each other. We’re so proud to have these two dogs a part of our family and will share both Jax and Riley’s individual rescue stories in part 2, ‘Saving Riley’ and part 3, ‘Saving Jax’ next week!



  1. Jill -

    Adorable! Congratulations on your new baby.

  2. Meredith Hudson -

    I rescued my Jax a few years ago and just found Riley at the shelter yesterday. Loving the names! Hehe!

  3. admin -

    That’s awesome Meredith! So cute! Congrats on your new rescue! ;)

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